Over the past 9 years, Food Safety Plus has been a leader in the Food Safety Quality Systems and now brings you Food Safety 123 Training Campus. 

We created this learning management system for you to start seeing your challenges fade away as your operation falls into compliance with government regulations and higher standards without spending a lot of time and money training your employees. 


"Keeping your customers and company safe!"

Food Safety 123 Learning Management System is built by real food professionals and are proven to reduce your Food Safety risks for your business and your customers.

Through this system, you'll get the following benefits: 
  • Your company does not need to bring employees to training centers to learn and be certified in food safety. 
  • Helps your company to stay compliant with government regulatory and 3rd party audits.
  • Your employees can also do the training in their own time. 
  • Learners will have the most updated knowledge of laws and standards for food safety as we make sure our information are not outdated.

 Food Safety 123 Training Videos is your best choice for training your employees. 

LMS will host training cartoons/videos for employees then at the end of each module, certificates will be given. 

Food Safety 123 can be purchased for the whole company then HR can distribute access. Individual purchase will also be allowed.

 Certificates are only valid for a certain period of time. Alerts will be given for retraining. 

Not only is our training solution affordable, but gives your employees the power of knowledge to provide your company with a safe product and enviroment. 


Your company needs to be prepared for allergen control and habits in your facility. Allergen contamination and mislabeling has been one of the leaders in the market for recalls reasons. Watch our video and avoid this from happening to you company.


Let our experienced staff teach you how to stay clean with the best habits in today's manufacturing environment. Keeping it clean and sanitized helps you to stay out of trouble with your customers and market place.   


Food Safety 123 brings SQF & Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point to your staff and employees. HACCP is the center of our programs and ensures that products are produced in a safe environment. Let us take the time now to teach and make HACCP simple.


Food safety 123 Food Defense helps to teach your staff and employees how to make sure your facility is safe from intentional adulteration. We will teach youremployees how to defend and stay strong to keep your products safe. 


In today's ever changing world our regulatory agencies are tightening the rules and standards, which created FSMA- Food Safety Modernization Act. Food Safety 123 has worked hard to bring you training to educate your staff on some of the FSMA regulations in a brief overview. Let us help you now on staying compliant with our regulatory agencies.  


Food Safety 123 brings you to our best practice training for Good Manufacturing Practices. At Food Safety 123 we want your staff and employees to operate and perform at the best GMPs as possible. Let our experience staff help train on GMPs.


Food Safety 123 Warehouse training brings the most up to date best practices for your Warehouse staff. Our staff ensures that the training helps your company to operate and perform so you can deliver quality and safe products.    


Food Safety 123 will help your company to build an understanding to the GFSI Scheme your company chooses. Our staff is comprised of GFSI auditors and our training gives you the edge of understanding the key concepts to GFSI related programs. 


Food Safety 123 Document Control helps your staff to meet regulatory and 3rd party documents best habits. Good document control can save your company from a headache later on down the road. Good document control makes great records.

The Creator

Darryle Guarino has been leading Food Safety Plus for over a decade, and has over 25 years developing quality systems in High-Speed Food Manufacturing Management. Currently a licensed SQF/HACCP consultant, Darryle specializes in helping facilities quickly and successfully implement SQF Systems. He holds a B.S. in Chemistry/Dietetics from the University of Maryland.


Our company was concerned about training and bringing people in during Covid-19 issues. We found Food Safety 123, and were able to train online and keep our employees safe while saving money also. Staff was easy to work with. 

Evan Ardnt
Stoney Point Inc 
Owner Littlestown, PA
Training has also been tough to organize due to our schedules and cost. We found Food Safety 123 Online Training Videos and were able to train on the employee's time. Love the ability to get to Certificates anytime.   

Wayne Nielsen
Mountanos Family Coffee and Tea
QA Manager Petaluma, CA
  ED Roller Inc was searching for an affordable and easy to use online training company to help us stay updated for our annual GFSI training requirements. The videos were entertaining and at the same time educational. We are happy we found Food Safety 123 

Mike Mendick
Ed Roller Inc
Owner rochester, NY
Made our lives easier and avoided bringing people into the facility. Thanks again

Vivek Thakur 
Pure World Foods, Inc
Carson City, NV

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